Community Kitchen – March 2018

Hungry for social change? Feed your need by coming to our community kitchen events. At these events, we will feast on engaging lectures on social justice issues, fruitful discussions, and a wholesome meal.

Together, we will cook food and ideas.

Pool your resources and your culinary skills with others to create a cheap feast for the senses!  Each event offers a hands-on cooking experience with a unique menu and a special guest speaker that will provide us with a glimpse into a social justice issue.

Community Kitchen on Accessibility, Food Justice and Disability Justice

Access to affordable, sustainable, historically and culturally relevant, and healthy food are considered essential for Food Justice. At the same time, Disability Justice challenges us to re-conceptualize how health and healthy eating are framed, as well as our relationships to cooking and eating. This Community Kitchen will introduce attendees to disability justice, food justice, and the intersections between the movements. We will centre disabled people and disabled people’s experiences in our conversations about disability justice and food justice.

Join Students for Barrier-free Access, the Centre for Community Partnerships and Hart House for a  night of conversation, cooking, eating and skill-sharing. The facilitators will also share kitchen hacks that make cooking more accessible.

When: Tues., March 13, 2018, 6-9 pm
Where: Waters Lounge, Woodsworth College, 321 Bloor Street West
Cost: $5 Students / $15 Non-students / Tickets available at the Information Hub or online: To register online, please click here, select the “Food & Living” category, or contact Hart House at or 416 978 2452.


Asam Ahmad
Asam Ahmad is a poor, working-class writer, poet, and community organizer. His writing tackles issues of power, race, queerness, masculinity, and trauma. His writing and poetry have appeared in CounterPunchBlack Girl DangerousBriarpatchYoungist, and Colorlines. His poem “Remembering How to Grieve” can be found in Killing Trayvons: An Anthology of American Violence.

Kumari Giles 
Kumari is a multi-disciplinary artist, dancer, storyteller, curator, logistics nerd, aerialist, food enthusiast and community cook. As a queer non-binary mixed maker of many things, they believe in art and movement as a tool for empowerment, transformation and healing. They are committed to nurturing overlooked brilliance, working collectively and challenging systemic power. 

Accessibility Info:
Waters Lounge is an accessible venue but unfortunately the kitchen itself is not accessible. All conversation and teaching will take place in the accessible lounge area.
Accessible all-gender washroom is located on the same floor as the event.
We will have vegan and gluten-free snacks and will be cooking some vegan and gluten free dishes.

Note: Please wear full shoes (no open toes) and bring something to tie hair back with if it is long. Bring empty containers so you can take any extra food home!

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