Churchill Debate

Details: In collaboration with the the Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Debate.

Join four of Canada’s top debaters who will debate the place of referendums in Canadian politics. Do referendums have the power to open up the system and increase accessibility, bolstering the voice of democracy? Or are they a destabilizing force, threatening the hallmarks of Canadian governance?

After the debate, a keynote speech will be given by Patrick Boyer, a professor, journalist, lawyer and former member of parliament. He has written extensively on electoral reform and authored several books including: Our Scandalous Senate (2014) Lawmaking by the People (1981), The People’s Mandate (1992), Direct Democracy In Canada (1993) and many more.

Resolution: THBT the referendum is a legitimate instrument of democracy.

When: Wed. March 15, 2017, 7 pm
Where: Music Room, Hart House
Cost: Free / Registration required

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