Transportation: Contemplate Campus on Foot

Campus WalkDetails: Join Sarah E. Truman and members of the Hamilton Perambulatory Unit on a sensory stroll through campus. We’ll begin with a brief introduction to different approaches to walking and contemplation including Chan Buddhist (jingxing​) walking and the notion of the flâneur, and then set out on a stroll to appreciate autumn’s colours.


When: Wed., Oct. 22, 2014, 12–1:30 pm
Where: Reading Room (meeting point)
Cost: Free


About the Instructor
Sarah E. Truman is a PhD Candidate at University of Toronto in Curriculum Studies (OISE) and Book History and Print Culture (Massey College). Her research interests include: writing/reading, intertextuality/marginalia, affect theory, post-humanism, public pedagogy, and walking. She is also a Research Fellow at The Pedagogical Impulse and WalkingLab, founding member of Hamilton Perambulatory Unit and author of a book called Searching for Guan Yin (White Pine Press, 2011).


This is part of Slow Down, a series of free workshops designed to encourage you to dial down the hectic pace of everyday life and create space for mindfulness and balance.

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