Campus Democracy Unconference

Details: Join voting reform activist Dave Meslin to discuss the purpose and place of student government in building a greater culture of democracy in Canada. The Unconference will feature a fluid agenda created by participants in order to explore the role of student democracy in building good citizenship practices, determining a metric for on-campus democracy, and transforming student government into a role model for broader society to provide a positive alternative to democratic decline. This event is non-partisan and welcomes students from all political backgrounds, beliefs, and levels of engagement.


When: Fri., Jan. 24, 2014, 1– 5 pm
Where: East Common Room
Cost: Free / lunch provided


For more information visit Unlock Democracy.


Pixelated maple leafThis event is presented as part of the 2014 Hart House Hancock Lecture. For information about the lecture, and other related programming, click here.


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