…But I still can’t vote

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Details: For many people living in Canada voting is not an option. Despite contributing to their communities in a number of meaningful ways, those living in Canada without full citizenship are not able to vote in elections at any level of government.

Hancock Lecture 15th Anniversary

In Toronto alone, that includes 75, 821 permanent residents; across Canada, there are also 396,202 international students who cannot vote.“…But I still can’t vote” will feature students at the University of Toronto and highlight the contributions they have made to civic and campus life. This exhibit seeks to demonstrate the number of different ways people contribute to, and affect change in their communities beyond the voting process, and how this “outsider” population engages in democracy and civil society with far reaching impacts both locally and nationally.

When: Feb. 1– 22, 2016
Where: Main hallway, Hart House
Cost: Free

Go here for more information on the 2016 Hart House Hancock Lecture.

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