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 Deadline to apply: October 1, 2013.



imageThe Living Library Project is an event designed to create dialogue, promote understanding and reduce prejudice. A collection of “human books” (widely varied in gender, cultural and religious backgrounds and age) is offered on “loan” to visitors. Facilitated by Living Library Librarians, visitors “borrow” the human book for up to 30 minutes for an open conversation.


The informal “Reader-Book” interaction is a positive and safe way to question and explore pre-conceived notions around race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, and share personal narratives in an open, face-to-face dialogue. We hope to promote tolerance, and deepen understanding around social justice, equity and diversity.



We are currently looking for Books who have a compelling story to share. Our audience is mostly composed of students. If you are an open minded individual who appreciates dialogue, different (and sometimes differing) opinions and cultivating awareness through the exchange of information, then this project is for you!


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