Stages: Apeiron Strings Collective

BlaiseDetails: The Apeiron Strings Collective is a revolving door of string players providing accompaniment and arrangements for popular music. Founded and led by Blaise Alleyne, a talented sing songwriter, composer and arranger, Blaise has been a member of the Hart House Chamber Strings for several years. They bring the elegance and richness of a traditional string ensemble to the original sounds of contemporary singer-songwriters artists. This provides a new dimension to existing songs and opens up the music to a new group of fans re-imagining the music in new and inspired ways. The collective also composes string arrangements for original music and live performances which takes the Collective to the studio and the concert stage.


When: Thurs. Apr. 11 at 9:30 pm
Where: Arbor Room, Hart House
Cost: Free

About the Stages music series:
The Music Committee presents an eclectic mix of music in the Stages series. This is the home for folk, roots, rock, singer songwriter, urban, pop and indie music. Artists range from new bands to club scene veterans. The series scan count amongst its alumni Shad, Martina Sorbara and K-os in their early days. Stages is celebrating the era of counter culture and paying tribute to sub cultures of music by enhancing events with visual artists, spoken word and easy and creative vibe.

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