Watch the US Presidential Debate Live

Watch the American Presidential debates live


and hear local panelists discuss the issues


Debate posterDetails: On October 16 the American presidential debates will be happening at Hofstra University in the “town meeting” format between Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, and the current president of the USA, Barack Obama. This debate can have a large impact on how American voters will choose their president when they go to the polls on November 6.


The Hart House Debates Committee will be hosting an event where students, alumni and members of the House can come and watch the debates being aired live. A panel of five individuals will share their thoughts and opinions before the debate is aired at 8:30. When the American presidential debates are concluded, the panel will debate the issues brought up by both candidates and their thoughts on who won the debate. The moderator will ensure that important issues raised in the presidential debates will be addressed by the panel and at the end of the debate will vote on whom they think won. Audience members who would like to share their thoughts after their vote are more than welcome to and will have an opportunity to chat to the speakers afterwards.


Confirmed Speakers: Arthur Rubinoff, Larry Leduc, Louis Tsivillis (student representative)


When: Tues, Oct 16 at 8:30
Where: Arbor Room, Hart House
Cost: Free


Speaker Details:


Arthur Rubinoff: A political science professor at the University of Toronto, Professor Rubinoff specializes in US foreign policy towards Canada and India. He has a particular interest in state politics and elections in India.


Larry Leduc: A political science professor at the University of Toronto, Professor Leduc research focuses primarily on Canadian and comparative political behaviour, political parties and elections, and research methods and designs.


Louis Tsivillis: Louis is currently completing his joint master’s of global affairs/law degree at the University of Toronto. He is also one of top debaters in Canada, and a strong representative from the Hart House debate team.


Moderator – Bradley Miller: Miller is a recent graduate of the history department at the University of Toronto. He will be assuming a role in “Canada and the World” at UBC next year.

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