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Wednesday Febraury 13, 2013


New Faces
Written by: Christian Glas
Directed by: Jeffrey Kennes


In the wastelands of Earth, a brother and a sister struggle to keep themselves, and the world at large, alive.


UTM Drama Club
Written by: Kaitlyn Alexander
Directed by: Eilish Waller


Bruised Porcelain follows Macy as she confronts a relapse of leukemia which demands she tells the truth to those around her as well as face it herself.



St. Michael’s College
Written by: TBA
Directed by: TBA


Comming soon.


Thursday February 14, 2013


St. Michael’s College

Written by: TBA
Directed by:TBA


Coming soon.


UTM Drama Club
Written by: Nicholas Potter
Directed by: Jaime Hernandez Lujan


Marianne, Are You Asleep? tells the story of a young woman obsessed with communicating with the spirit of her deceased mother. Located in three different living rooms of Northern Ontario, Marianne’s desire to talk with her mother grows as her mother appears to everyone else but her.


UC Follies
Written by: Brian De La Franier
Directed by: Brian De La Franier


Slay the dragon is a medieval comedy following the four knights of the drunken table on a quest to slay a vicious dragon which is ravaging the land. The knights are sent on this ill fraught quest by the arrogant Lord Rowen and his lackey Lewis. This play also features Frank, the old and crotchety, and Lady Tanda, the only person with any sense in this play. Inspired by such comedies as Monty Python, this story focuses on the misogyny of society, and women’s place.


Friday February 15, 2013


Hart House Players
Written by: Jessica Ng
Directed by: Rebecca Ballarin


Griff, a 21-year old university student, attends his first therapy session at a psychiatry clinic. Through flashbacks and continual prodding by his psychiatrist Walt, the story of a double life and a diagnosis begins to unravel. Analysis, interpretation, and construction collide with complexity and ‘the whole story’ to reveal not merely a story, but a life.


Trinity College Drama Society

Written by: TBA
Directed by: TBA


Four keen student reporters running the high school newspaper come to school one morning, only to find themselves locked out of their usual office. It quickly becomes apparent that this is no simple accident. The hostile forces preventing them from bringing equitable reporting to the students of Coolidge High lead our protagonists into the depths of a surrealist landscape that makes any sort of journalism virtually impossible. Our heroes eventually vanquish the nonsense, it being no match for the power of the human brain.


New Faces
Written by: Kate Uniacke
Directed by: Alyssa Obrigewitsch


Outside a quiet cafe, three duos define what it is to be in a relationship.

Saturday February 16, 2013


Victoria College Drama Society
Written by: Eli Fox and Paul Borchardt
Directed by: Cassidy Sadler


1951. The world’s greatest geometers convene for a historic conference at Archibald’s family manor. However, the plans go awry when Archibald, the patriarch of a well-established geometer dynasty, serves his ancestral lemon meringue pie. Milt, his guest, and an all-around American hero, spits it out, disgusted. Archibald does not take this insult lightly; he aspires to ruin Milt, and in the process, cause nuclear disaster. However, the machinations behind this plot run deeper, deep into the Archibald ancestral line, returning to an old prophecy planning the return of the Anti-Pope and his enslavement of mankind. Is the Anti-Pope the messiah or another false prophet? Will Milt and his sidekick Bennington escape the Archibald manor? How will Archibald Jr. react to his role as human sacrifice? Are the house’s barnyard animals consumed by madness or a spirit lingering in this American empire long before its discovery?


UTM Drama Club

Written by: Sara Peters
Directed by: Courtney Keir


Set in the 70’s in rural Mississippi, The Gully tells the story of Penny: a feisty eleven-year-old who longs for mud pie, dirty knees and a friend. Her reverence for the world is portrayed through quirky stories, unfiltered wit and the occasional dance. When Penny encounters a reserved and retired southern man by the gully near her house, she becomes determined to figure him out. Through the exploration of friendship and the unraveling of two seemingly contrasted narratives, Penny and the man discover that perhaps they have more in common than they thought.