U of T Drama Festival 2014

2014 Drama FestivalA Week of Competitive Theatre
Student written, directed, produced & performed



Feb. 12-15, 2014
7:30 Curtain


Adjudicated by Matt White


Every February, a plethora of original one act plays compete for five coveted awards over the four nights of this annual adjudicated festival. The University of Toronto Drama Festival has spawned numerous performers who have gone on to become stars of stage & screen: Ted Follows, David Gardner, Don Harron, Arthur Hiller, William Hutt and Donald Sutherland – to name a few. 77 years since its inception in 1936, and now in its 22nd year since Trevor Rines resurrected it in 1993, the U of T Drama Festival continues to provide a high profile showcase for up-and-coming theatrical talent as well as an accessible avenue for U of T students to perform and direct on the historic Hart House Theatre stage. This year also marks the 13th Drama Festival of only accepting original student written plays, serving as a much needed showcase for talented U of T playwrights.



Per evening – General Admission
Adults $12
Students & Seniors $10
No latecomers


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www.uofttix.ca or 416.978.8849

Matt White, Adjudicator


Matt White

Making a play is a massive undertaking requiring much sacrifice. You lose a whole host of things, not the least of which are sleep, a sense of reality (in some cases) and (unfortunately, in most cases) money.


So why do it?


Because of the joy an actor feels when they make 250 or 2 people laugh or cry together.


Because of the pride a playwright feels when the perspective of an audience member is changed.


Because of the satisfaction felt by a designer when their ideas coalesce into a world the performance can take place in.


Because of the confidence a director feels when they realize they have managed to harness the egos, eccentricities and electric talent of twenty individuals to make something exist, to live and breathe on a stage.


Because of the parent who understands their child a little bit more.


And what if none of these things happen?


Then we must take solace in our combined efforts and be thankful for this time together. No matter how deadly or glorious the outcome at least we spent some time believing, hoping, in something. We must believe that next time will be different. If only we can muster the courage to take another chance.


Thank goodness we have this space, this festival, to continue our journeys.


Matt White


Matt has been creating, teaching and producing theatre for over ten years. He is an instructor in the Theatre and Drama Studies joint program between Sheridan College and the University of Toronto at Mississauga. Matt is no stranger to Hart House Theatre, having just recently directed our production of Catherine Banks’ Bone Cage, performed in Angelique and Lion in Streets and served as President of the Drama Coalition while he was student at the University of Toronto. He is currently the General Manager of Necessary Angel Theatre and runs a theatre program with teenagers in the Weston-Mt. Dennis community.





Wednesday, February 12 – 7:30 pm

  • Some Counterspace – UTM Drama Society
  • Hopscotch – St. Genesius’s Drama Society (St. Mike’s)
  • The Broadleaf Plays – Trinity College Dramatic Society


Thursday, February 13 – 7:30 pm

  • The Session – UC Follies
  • Ark in the Inferno of Giants, Surrender Against the Earth – Trinity College Dramatic Society


Friday, February 14 – 7:30 pm

  • Mrs. Mama’s House – UTM Drama Society
  • The Meeting With God – UC Follies
  • In the Days that Follow – St. Genesius’s Drama Society (St. Mike’s)


Saturday, February 15 – 7:30 pm

  • Pur.Gat.Ory – UTM Drama Society
  • They Just Didn’t See – Victoria College Drama Society
  • A Killer Story – Hart House Players
  • Final Adjudication and Awards Ceremony






The Awards Ceremony took place Saturday night after the evening’s public adjudication. Click here to view the official media advisory.


Best Production WinnersPresident’s Award for Best Production


Presented to the producing company of the play that best combines the requirements for the other awards with professionalism in the Festival as a whole. Awarded to the Trinity College Dramatic Society for The Broadleaf Plays.






Best Direction WinnerRobert Gill Award for Best Direction


Presented to the director who achieved the highest artistic and technical quality of transition from script to stage, and who expressed the clearest vision. Awarded to Joel Chico of UC Follies for The Meeting With God: A Spectacle of the Fall.






Technical AcheivementI.A.T.S.E. Award for Technical Achievement


Presented to the technical crew who best achieved an original and artistic design suitable to the play, and who best found unity with the director. Awarded to Travis DeWolf of UC Follies for the lighting design of The Session.






Best Performance WinnerDonald Sutherland Award for Best Performance


Presented to the individual, distinctive group, or ensemble that achieved the highest quality of delivery, character development and interaction. Awarded to Alex Spyropoulos of the University of Toronto Mississauga Drama Society for her performance in Pur.Gat.Ory.





Best PlaywritingRobertson Davies Playwriting Award


Presented to the writer who achieved the highest level of creativity, development and clarity of vision in an original script. Awarded to Nicholas Potter of the University of Toronto Mississauga Drama Society for his play Pur.Gat.Ory.






Award of MeritAward of Merit


Presented at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Awarded to Michael Marshall of the St. Genesius’s Drama Society (St. Mike’s) for embodying the spirit of the festival.






Award of MeritAward of Merit


Presented at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Awarded to Jane Smythe of UC Follies – the Keep Going Award.







Award of MeritAward of Merit


Presented at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Awarded to the Ensemble of UC Follies’ The Meeting with God: A Spectacle of the Fall for their commitment to embracing the world of the play.






Award of MeritAward of Merit


Presented at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Awarded to Jake Howell of the Hart House Players for the coolest idea to build a story around: A Killer Story







Award of MeritAward of Merit


Presented at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Awarded to Lucas Loizou of the Victoria College Drama Society – The Mr. Bean Award.






Award of MeritAward of Merit


Presented at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Awarded to Nathaniel Kingham of the University of Toronto Mississauga Drama Society – The Script-I-Want-To-See-Fleshed-Out-At-Summerworks Award




Play Synopses


Some Counterspace: A man and a woman make scrambled eggs. What sounds simple enough turns into a night of spattered egg, fried butter and the art of “plating” as this pair put their love of food and for each other to the test.


Hopscotch: Hopscotch is a black comedy exploring the facets of existence and massive cock-ups. Comparable to ordering a winter jacket and discovering, after the fact, it comes with Nazi paraphernalia, our two unfortunates awaken to the cold light of morning and the illumination of mistakes long past – by about eight hours. Whether laughter or a deep sense of foreboding hopefully Hopscotch will evoke some sort of emotional response… perhaps, if we’re lucky.


The Session: A 21 year old woman struggles with a horrific memory from her past. She seeks to understand more about this memory, channeling her 13 year old self in the process. A male character appears in her past and present doubling as her rapist and therapist. These are experienced through a series of devised movement pieces and slam poetry written in conjunction and non-conjunction with this play.


Mrs. Mama’s House: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do; She gave them some broth without any bread; Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.


 In The Days That Follow: Explore the ways the human mind can turn on itself and the lengths to which it can be pushed before it falls apart completely. Following an unknown cataclysmic event, Ava becomes the last surviving member of the human race. The play follows her as she struggles both with the ghosts of her past, and her complete decent into madness.


Pur.Gat.Ory: Francis scours the subway station trash bin for lotto tickets, and Davey watches the trains get devoured by the dark tunnels. Aurora discovers her divine calling in the station, and André follows her, calling her divine. Francis plays with these subway intruders as they struggle to find their doors of opportunity and whether or not to open them.


They Just Didn’t See: Downsizing…and what does that mean? Four single guys are transferred into one office branch and none of them know each other. But they all want to get to know Monica, the one woman who has caught their attention.


A Killer Story: The stakes are high in this dark comedy, when a group of poker-playing criminals gather to gamble their most precious assets – their stories.




Per evening – General Admission
Adults $12
Students & Seniors $10
No latecomers



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