Donor Recognition

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Your generosity has a direct impact on our ability to inspire students to take delight in the sheer joy of discovery across the entire House.

We are deeply grateful to all of our donors.

Thank you for supporting Hart House.

Boundless Campaign

Lead Donors

We would like to thank the following donors, who have generously contributed $25,000 or more to Hart House during the Boundless Campaign.

Nouman Ashraf
Salah J. Bachir
Paul E. Bain
Edward L. Baker
Joseph J. Barnicke
Janet Marianne Bessey
Daniel Faria Gallery
William B. Davis
DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art
Stan Douglas
George A. Fierheller
David E. Gardner
Anthony J. E. Grey
The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
The Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation
The Honourable Henry N. R. Jackman
Luis Jacob
The Norman and Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation
Kelly Mark
George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation
Norman Morcos
Rogers Communications Inc.
Sandra L. Simpson
Donald Sutherland
3 Anonymous

Lasting Legacies

Hart House recognizes those generous donors who made gifts to Hart House through their estates.

The Estate of Douglas R. Booz
The Estate of Douglas F. Dadson
The Estate of John F. Flinn
The Estate of Dorothy Heilbronn
The Estate of Audrey Hozack
The Estate of Joyce Leah Robertson
The Estate of Gray M. Steele
The Estate of James Stewart
The Estate of Robert I. Story
The Estate of Allen R. Taylor

King’s College Circle Heritage Society

The King’s College Circle Heritage Society recognizes and honours donors who have thoughtfully made a provision in their will for Hart House, or made some other form of future gift commitment.

Edward M. Bridge
Donald Burwash
Maureen & James Dunn
Anne Ellis & Stephen Sibalis
Monika H. Johnston
Andrea Kerr
Alan Marcus
Barbara and Bruce Norman
Donald M. Pamenter
Judith R. Schwartz
Ann & Ross Stuart
Terry Tedesco
Bernard A. Torbik
Glynn T. Williams
2 Anonymous

Annual Donors

Our annual donor listing recognizes the generosity of those who have donated $100 or more to Hart House between Oct. 1, 2017 and Oct. 1, 2018. These annual donations are essential for Hart House to continue its tradition of being the gathering place at U of T where students have access to tremendous out of the classroom education.

Annual Donors: $500+
Iain Allen
Louis Amato-Gauci
Tim E. Armstrong
William R. and Shirley A. Beatty
Boeing Company
Rosemary Bolitho
Jonathon Borland
Edward M. Bridge
Lloyd O. Burridge
Pulin Chandaria
Robert D. Cook
Honor de Pencier
Bill Dowkes
George A. Fierheller
Barbara Fischer
Caj Frostell
Jacob Chaim Glick
Jonathan R. Gouveia
The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
The Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation
Paul T. Hellyer
William T. Hunter
Monika H. Johnston
Arthur Kennedy
John M. and Elizabeth A. Kerr
Jacob P. J. Khaiat
Horace Krever
Fondation Céline & Jacques Lamarre
Helen and Larry LeDuc
Camelia Linta

Bosko D. Loncarevic
Larry Lundy
Alan Marcus
Ka-Ling Martin
Mary McDougall Maude
Philip Maude
Beth McCarthy
Nicholas P. McHaffie
Paul D. Paton
Albert Perrin
Jim Phillips
K. K. and Nirmala Puri
Larry Wayne Richards and Frederic Urban
Aaron Rousseau
C. David Sadleir
Dean Samaras
Judith R. Schwartz
Gary L. Segal
Jan Seger Lambert
Krista E. Slade
Mark A. Slade
Ann and Ross Stuart
Richard and Julie Swenson
Edward G. Thompson
Peter T. Tonisson
Peter F. Turner
Vernon G. Turner
Ronald S. Veale
Gordon F. and Katri West
5 Anonymous
Annual Donors: $100–$499
Sabrina E. Adamski
Daniel R. Adamson
Louis Adeghe
Daniel Eli Hoenich Bach
Walter M. and Lisa Balfour Bowen
Florence Barwell
Anders Bennick
F. G. Berlet
Kim Bhogal
Richard F. Bingham
Andrea D. Blackler
David W. Booz
Vera Borsos-Matovina
John and Lois Bowden
Elizabeth Brown
George and Martha Butterfield
Melville D. Callender
Peter C. Chan
John and Vera Chau
Lucianna Ciccocioppo and Giulio Fazzolari
I. Glenn Cohen
David D. Conklin
Susan V. Corrigan
Graham Cotter
A. William Cunningham
Fernando M. da Silva
Chris F. De Sa
Michael Dixon
William R. Drucker
Klaus and Marjut Dunker
Marilyn C. Dunnill
Christopher Michael Evans
Janet Evans
David Fallis
R. H. Farquharson
Frederick M. Florence
Timothy Fort
William P. Franklin
Andrea B. Fritz-Bray
Luciano Gaigher
Marek Francesco Galwin
L. Alby Garbe
Elizabeth Giesbrecht
Humphrey H. Gilbert
Lise Goettl
Brahm H. Goldhamer
Tom and Mary Graham
Lorie G. Grant
Amanda Greener
Yvonne B. Greig
Richard A. Hainsworth
Ajay Heble
Stephen Henderson
Walter J. Hendry
Douglas R. Hill
John R. Hitchcock
John Hovland
Helen C. Ing
Betty J. Isbister
Joseph Jany
Yping Jiang and Ti Wang
Stephanie E. Jones
Michael S. Kaplan
Wasif A. Khan
Mark Kuhlberg
Olsi Kule
G. G. Landeg
Linda Lee
Sui-Hua Tom Lee
Ross W. Leigh

Mark N. Librach
Noel A. Lim
Chang D. Liu
H. Ian and Dorothy Macdonald
Anthony L. MacFarlane
David MacFarlane
Linda E. MacRae
Ian Malcolm
Kenneth Y. Mark
Paul McCann
Eric McKee
Marian W. McKnight
Elaine McWhirter
Fred and Cecile Metrick
Don Middleton and Clayton Wilson Fund
Bruce R. Miller
Deborah A. Mills-Wahlen
Thomas and Elizabeth Minehan
Joan M. Moes
Anne E. S. Montagnes
J. Charles Morand
Eddy Morassutti
Paul R. Morgan
Ian S. Morrison
Sandra J. Muhic
Philip J. Neubauer
Cynthia Nevins
J. Corey Nicholson
Jeffrey Nolte
Bruce and Barbara Norman
Edwin Peter Nowicki
Patricia B. Otton
Patricia Page
Duc Pho
Philippe Poussier
Jeewika Chandanie Ranaweera
Stephen Ranger
W. Bruce Redpath
C. Anne Rocchi
Irvin A. Rosen
Heather E. Rumball
Paul G. Russell
Harriet Sakuma
Marty D. Shapiro
Catherine Siddall
Blair and Louise Sinclair
Marian E. Springer
Joseph P. Stalmach
Timothy Stephenson and Katherine Mansfield
Angus F. Sutherland
Clarence J. Swanton
Carolyn C. Szmidt
Michael N. Tam
Sugunan Thambiraja
Loren P. Thorburn
Ian G. Waddell
Heather P. Wagner
Andrew C. Wallace
Nora and Ilmar Wallner
Richard E. Westwood
Dorothy M. White
Mark J. C. Whitton
Elisabeth Widner
Morris Wolfe
Annie Wu
Carsey Yee
Marion Louise Young
Adrian S. Zenwirt
31 Anonymous

We are grateful for the continued support of all our generous donors. We endeavour to make our lists as accurate as possible. For more information, or if you have questions about Hart House’s donor listing, please contact: Senior Development Officer, Peter Wambera at 416-946-3993 or

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