Cultural Chameleon

Episode 8 – Cultural Chameleon

(Micaela and Daisy)

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Micaela shares her self-interview and talks about her experiences in shifting her identity every time she moves to a new place. Next is Micaela’s interview with Leighton who talks about code-switching and the emotional labor of feeling like you’re living two different lives. Then Micaela interviews Gozie, whose parents are Nigerian but speak different languages. She reflects on her travels back to Nigeria and a longing to be able to communicate with both sides of her extended family. Lastly, is Daisy’s self-interview, where she talks about navigating the uncertainty of life’s big decisions, how her upbringing in a small town contrasts her new life in the big city, and her hopes for her future aspirations in politics and activism.

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Music Credits: Duke Ellington – Sugar Hill Penthouse.

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