Hart House Classes Testimonials

What are people saying about Hart House Classes?

All-in-One Acting Workshop: Acting, Voice, Movement
This exciting introductory workshop will explore the fundamentals of the actors’ process and the nature of the instrument one needs to cultivate to be an actor.
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“It really made me know myself better. I’ve learned things here about myself that were quite surprising.”

“The meditation, self-awareness, sweet grass and music; the one-on-one attention, the voice/body/speech process.”

Art of Acting
Using techniques of improvisation and other acting exercises, students will focus on remaining truthful and honest within the work, using an organic approach that is from the heart.
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“I’ve already started to consciously employ my awareness of my goals, into the words I choose, or how I transition. I’ve been learning how to better be true to each moment – ranging from causal interactions to academic and work-related situations. “

“I got to explore sides of myself that I don’t know much about.”

“[The course was] an interesting starting point into more self-exploration, self-expression, and listening to others.”

Clowning Around
This course will provide an opportunity to discover your clown through the exploration of the colours of the rainbow.
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“[I learned] how to be a human being!”

“Listening and curiosity: life.”
“Failure can sometimes be more enjoyable than success as there’s often more to discover in it.”

“You learn with fun. I never felt like I wasn’t doing well. These classes were a warm place to come and work.”

“It taught me how to be absolutely present and boosted my confidence.”

Documentary Filmmaking
This class will introduce you to the fundamental concepts, processes and techniques of documentary filmmaking.
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“What comes from the heart touches the heart.”

“Even though I’m shy, my communication techniques seem to work, and I’m not afraid to dive in and not just skim the surface.”

“[This course] definitely taught me, in a nutshell, all the things I will need to know to move forward with my own documentary project.”

Film Workshops
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“For the nominal enrolment fee, I felt I received exceptional value for my money simply based on the amount of resources I was able to walk away with.”

“Learning that they offered classes and seminars throughout the semester to assist people in developing hands-on skills was like finding a treasure chest.”

“I hope that Hart House continues to offer these workshops. They have been invaluable to me.”

“Everything I wanted to know about film!”

Improv Class: Finding Freedom
This introductory improv class will hone your skills in areas that are key to good improv and to living a positive, productive and playful life.
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“[I developed] a greater ability to listen and honour other people in what they do. A greater freedom in playing, experimenting, and listening with trust.”

“I’m confident in different areas of my life and learned more about the importance of humour and fun.”

“I have learned so much about my personal self and personal creativity.

Practical Movie-Making for Educators
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“As a graduate student at U of T, you very rarely get to see and do things outside of your own faculty. I have always had an appreciation for the arts, but this four-day crash course allowed me to let my creativity and ambition shine.”

“I have learned how to find the balance between simplicity and creativity, and that risking to make mistakes only teaches you something new.”

“This class has given me a new appreciation for team-work, paying attention to the important details, and trusting my own voice”

“Hart House promised hands-on and hands-on we got!