Standing Committee Secretary

Standing Committee Secretary

Explore your passions and enhance your U of T experience.

Join a Hart House Committee!

Each committee at Hart House provides opportunities for students to create experiences and build communities with a focus on: Music, Art & Creativity, Social Justice & Civic Engagement or Wellness & Recreation.

Apply for Nomination

CCRThere are 10 Standing Committees, which represent broad areas of interest and learning. By completing this application form, you are indicating your interest in becoming a secretary of one of those committees (see Role of the Committee Secretary below).

Arts / Debates / Farm / Finance / Literary & Library / Music / Recreational Athletics / Social Justice / Theatre

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must have served on a Hart House Committee. Applicants must also be a University of Toronto student during their proposed tenure.

Applications Deadline:

February 10, 2016, midnight

How to Apply for Nomination:

Fill out the online application and let us know why you want to join. Please note, you will be required, in addition to the form, to send a resume to Cynthia Nevins:

Click here to Apply >

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Role of the Committee Secretary

As approved by the Hart House Board of Stewards, February, 2014:

  • Serve on the Board of Stewards
  • Call a minimum of six (6) meetings over the 12-month term
  • Set the Agenda for each meeting
  • Act as a liaison with staff advisor(s) and Chair of Committee
  • Attend Board of Steward Meetings
  • Oversee the budget of the Committee along with the Treasurer
  • Participate on Committee on Budgets and other working groups as needed
  • Submit a written report to Board of Stewards for each meeting
  • Participate in the discussion of the Board of Stewards and bring back to the committee decisions of the Board of Stewards
  • Communicate concerns of the Committee to the Board of Stewards as appropriate

The following is provided as guidelines for the Role of the Board of Stewards:

  • To approve policy
  • To approve the annual budget and fund-raising plans
  • Work with the Warden to determine the strategic vision and priorities of Hart House
  • Provide oversight and advice on the operations of the House.
  • Recognize the difference in role and function of administration and governance
  • Represent constituent committee and members at large


Download 2016 Hart House Committee Secretary Election Process document.

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Hart House Standing Committee Descriptions

Standing Committees meet approximately every 3 weeks – some in the morning, some in the evening depending on student availability. Through your commitment and input you will learn about committee process, event planning and management, and financial management – at the same time as making your voice heard and your ideas a reality! Hart House has long stood as a place of learning, expression and fun. Be a part of that action!


Work in association with the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery that produces a year-round program of contemporary art exhibitions, artist and curatorial residencies, and educational events. Have an active role in research, guided tours, receptions, lectures, screenings, and visits with artists and curators.


Bring dialogue, discussion and debate about important issues to campus. Develop your skills in public speaking, organization and promotion. Organize major invitational and high school debating tournaments. Participate in community outreach projects with local high schools.


Work and play at the 150-acre Hart House Farm in the Caledon Hills. Plan and execute four seasonal celebrations, help preserve the Farm’s natural beauty, develop and review policies for the use of the Farm. There is no better place to learn “outside the classroom” than at Hart House Farm.


Ensure fair allocation of the Hart House budget in support of student programming and the many services and expenses that ensure Hart House’s financial viability for future UofT students. Monitor financial performance, analyze the annual budget, make recommendations for long range planning, and oversee the annual audit process.


Bring great musical sounds and experiences to UofT! Learn about the music industry from event production, concert coordination, music publicity and booking artists. Hart House hosts over 50 musical events a year – from the urban sounds of the city to innovative jazz riffs, classic melodies and an open mic night. Write, design, edit and produce DEMO, our very own music magazine.

Literary & Library

Explore and promote the literary arts through management and maintenance of the Library collection, organizing monthly readings and literary pubs, running annual contests for poetry and short stories, designing writers’ workshops and writing groups, and publishing the annual Hart House Review.

Recreational Athletics

Help plan classes/programs for fitness, dance, Pilates, yoga and racquet sports. Organize and volunteer at special events including the Indoor Triathlon, curling bonspiel, golf day, ski days, and Bike Month Breakfast. Participate in the planning of state-of-the-art equipment acquisition.

Social Justice

Raise awareness about social and environmental issues by hosting events that provide an open forum for members of on and off campus social justice groups to meet and collaborate. Connecting students to community groups creates valuable opportunities for education and participation through a broad range of social justice issues. Get involved on the Hart House Sustainability Committee.


Join the blend of students and professionals, actors, play wrights, film makers, dancers, directors, musicians, and technicians in a unique formal and informal educational opportunity. Participate in the creation of the Hart House Theatre’s Season. Help organize three annual festivals: Drama, Film and Dance.

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