2013-2014 Season


2013-2014 Season


Musical Directors
Conductor David Bowser
Accompanist Jacqueline Mokrzewski
Assistant Conductors Tonny Huang
Yuting Lin
Executive Committee
Assistant Publicity Manager Bob Bettson
Assistant Librarian Barry Fung
Vice Executive Secretary Tonny Huang
Executive Secretary Elizabeth Laushway
Assistant Special Performances Manager Baily McCulloch
Minutes Keeper Jonathon Moir
Special Performances Manager Rebecca Mok
Assistant Tours & Exchange Manager Christian Sutton
Assistant Concert Manager Michelle Veronesi
Librarian Ella Wilhelm
Publicity Manager, Webmaster Natalie Yiu
Treasurer Vivian Yu
Webmaster Lisa Zhou
Concert Manager, Membership Manager Jeremy Zung
Social Convenor TBD




Soprano 1 Alto 1 Tenor 1 Bass 1
Haleh Asadnia Sarah Cameron Bob Bettson Brendan Bruce Lee
Gillian Cook Christine Canning Kathy Chung Ivan Livinsky
Anna-Julia David Jesse Marshall-Sheppard Yuting Lin Jonathan Love
Martha Eggenberger Anna Mersov Peter Manson Bradley Smith
Laura Hare Pamela Psarianos Nam Nguyen
Tania Lim Angela Yoo
Jacqueline Teh Vivian Yu
Natalie Yiu
Soprano 2 Alto 2 Tenor 2 Bass 2
Olena Bolonna Claire Hurd Alexander Elcombe King Long Barry Fung
Catherine Emmens Michelle Lee Matthew Howe Christoph Hebeisen
Erica Gibson Ariel Leutheusser Christian Sutton Tonny Huang
Emily Horton Meghan Macleod Victor Szymanski Jonathon Moir
Elizabeth Laushway Lauren Pais Jeremy Zung
Baily McCulloch Meghan Torchia
Olivia Rigby Hayley Tsang
Elinor Simons Michelle Veronesi
Ella Wilhelm
— November 24, 2013 —



— March 29, 2014 —


Soloists: Erica Warder (soprano, Toronto), Melanie Conly (soprano, Montreal)


Soloists: Ania Hejnar (soprano), Charles Sy (tenor), Michael Nyby (baritone)

Also featuring the North York Concert Orchestra

        • Quatre Motets – Maurice Duruflé
          • I. Ubi Caritas
          • II. Tota pulchra est
          • III. Tu es Petrus
            • Yuting Lin, Assistant Conductor
          • IV. Tantum ergo
            • Yuting Lin, Assistant Conductor
        • Cantique de Jean Racine – Gabriel Fauré
          • Tonny Huang, Assistant Conductor
        • Pie Jesu (Requiem) – Gabriel Fauré
        • Sanctus (Messe de Sainte Cécil) – Charles Gounod
        • Gloria – Francis Poulenc


Part 1
1. Overture: The Representation of Chaos
2. Recitative (Raphael): In the beginning, God made Heaven
Chorus: And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters
3. Aria (Uriel): Now vanished by the holy beams
Chorus: Convulsion, rage and terror
4. Recitative (Raphael):
5. Solo with Chorus (Gabriel): What wonder his work reveals
Recitative (Raphael): And God said: Let the waters under the heaven be gathered
7. Aria (Raphael): Rolling in foaming billows
8. Recitative (Gabriel): And God sai
d: Let the earth bring forth grass
9. Aria (Gabriel): Now robed in cool refreshing green
10. Recitative (Uriel): And the heavenly host proclaimed
11. Chorus: Awake the harp
12. Recitative (Uriel): And God said: Let there be lights in the firmament
13. Recitative (Uriel): In shining splendour, radiant now the sun bestrides the sky
14. Trio and Chorus: The heavens are telling the glory of God
Part 2
15. Recitative (Gabriel): And God said: Let the waters bring forth abundantly
16. Aria (Gabr
iel): On mighty wings now circling soars the eagle proud
17. Recitative (Raphael): And God created great whales
18. Recitative (Raphael): And the angels struck their immortal harps
19. Trio and Chorus: The Lord is great
20. Recitative (Raphael): Let ea
rth bring forth every living creature
21. Recitative (Raphael): Opening her fertile womb
22. Aria (Raphael): Now shines the brightest glory of
23. Recitative (Uriel): And God created Man
24. Aria (Uriel): In native worth and honour clad
25. Rec
itative (Raphael): And God saw everything that he had made
26. Chorus: Achieved is the glorious work
Part 3
27. Recitative (Uriel): In rosy mantle, bright awaked
28. Duet with Chorus (Eve and Adam): By thee with grace, O bounteous Lord
. Recitative (Adam and Eve): Now is our duty well
30. Duet (Adam and Eve): Sweet companion, here beside you
31. Recitative (Uriel): O happy pair! and happy evermore
32. Chorus: Sing to God, all voices
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