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Hart House Camera Club

What’s in a picture? Anyone can take a photo, but understanding photography as a powerful tool to communicate can truly change the world. At the Hart House Camera Club, we believe a solid grounding in photographic techniques is only one part of creating compelling images that communicate volumes. A subtle medium, photography is endlessly flexible in meeting your needs to create, express, witness, or simply just have some fun. So, clearly, there’s a lot in a picture and that includes you.

In addition to offering darkroom facilities to develop and process film, HHCC also provides a wide variety of photography courses designed to improve skills and deepen photography as a creative practice. Take a class, improve your skills, discover your talent, and share with other photography lovers.

How to get Involved

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Our official website is where you can find lots of useful information. If you still have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to e-mail us at or stop by the darkrooms during the curator hours listed below. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Curator hours for the darkrooms

Current curator hours are listed here. You can also call the Hart House Hub at 416-978-2452 to confirm that the hours are correct.

Location of darkrooms

When you walk in the main entrance of Hart House, take the right staircase and turn right at the bottom. Walk along the hallway until you find the door to the darkrooms on your left (right next to the elevators and across from Sammy’s/Arbor room).


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