Boundless Experiences

louis_tsilivisHart House Debating

When Louis Tsilivis joined the Hart House Debating Club and Debates Committee, he never suspected that it would lead to one of the greatest educational experiences of his life. Louis participated in debating tournaments on three continents, finely honing the public speaking skills that perfectly complemented his law studies.

Louis represented the University of Toronto on the world stage at several international debating competitions, helping to maintain Hart House’s reputation as a debating powerhouse.

“Hart House has a sterling global reputation for debating, having won the National Championships 17 times, the North American Championships six times, and the World Championships twice. I really wanted to be a part of that legacy of excellence.”

As Louis will attest, the Hart House experience can be transformative. It can help students find the essential message of their education while presenting new opportunities and opening new life paths. Louis feels that Hart House is helping to train generations of thoughtful and socially conscious individuals, and that it’s a key laboratory in the world for social justice, public discourse and young leadership.

“When I first came to U of T, Hart House had given me so much in terms of support for competitive debating. I really wanted to give back by being a steward to help provide those same opportunities to subsequent generations of students.”

Donations supporting Hart House debating make it possible for students like Louis to stoke meaningful campus debate, enjoy opportunities for regional and international travel at competitive debates and forge long-lasting and meaningful friendships. Donor support helps outstanding students like Louis pursue diverse and meaningful co-curricular activities outside of the classroom, which inspire community and self-discovery.

“Hart House is known as one of the world’s most elite debating societies. In order to maintain our global reputation for excellence, donor support is essential.”

Louis credits his experience at Hart House for building his advocacy skills and ultimately helping him to secure a position at a successful law firm.

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