Body Awareness Instructors

Iladia Bove | Pilates

Iladia began studying Pilates over ten years ago with master educators Elizabeth Larkam, Margot McKinnon and many others from the STOTT team. Today, she brings to Hart House classes a highly effective style of her own where each participant feels connected to a collective flow while simultaneously tapping into their own deeper selves. “Teaching life-skills to your muscles is important because a body free of injury will do a better job of carrying you wherever you need to go.”

Toshie Okabe | Mitzvah Technique

Toshie has been helping people achieve better posture for over 20 years. Born in Tokyo, Toshie moved to Canada to study the Mitzvah Technique with founder M. Cohen-Nehemia (a former teacher of the Alexander Technique). The Mitzvah Technique, which deals with postural and spinal difficulties on both a remedial and preventative basis, cured her of the chronic pain she had developed as a professional ballet dancer. As a certified practitioner, Toshie opened her downtown studio in 1992 and has been teaching at Hart House since 1996.

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Julian Sidebottom | Archery

Julian has been coaching archery since 2003, and believes in encouraging all forms of archery in a fun and engaging environment.

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