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Available executive positions for recruitment!

We have some positions available, and the descriptions for the positions can be accessed with this link: PositionsDescription2014. The application can be found at Please contact us if you have any questions or queries!



Wednesday, Jan 22nd, 2014:
Hart House Permanent Art Collection Tour; 3:00pm at the HUB Hart House!


Thursday, January 23rd, 2014:
Opening of CounterIntelligence at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery; 7:00pm


Saturday, February 1st, 2014:
Acquisitions Gallery Tour (1:00pm; Location TBA)


Monday, February 3rd, 2014:
Acquisitions Subcommittee Meeting (Details TBA)



Hart House Arbor Room Art Exhibit:  CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS, 2013 – 2014 


Hart House Arbor Room provides a space for artists to exhibit their work. We are currently accepting submissions for any 2-D art works such as paintings, drawing, printmaking or photography. Our theme of this year is ‘Culture’.
Deadline for submission is 9 January 2014

Students should submit their work with a brief description and an image of their work to:


Hart House Student Art Project:  


Hart House is giving art students an opportunity to make an ‘Art Project’ for Hart House. This is a site specific project for Hart House, and it can be installed indoor or outdoors. The selected proposals will be awarded up to $2,000 in project assistance.

Students should send an image of their work along with a brief description, CV, and an artist’s statement to:




RUG by XXXX Collective, 2013 


Architect Henry Sproatt purposefully employed the beaux Arts Gothic Revival style in his designs for Hart House such that the building would convey both an ecclesiastical grandeur and the dignity of intellectual pursuit. XXXX Collective repurposes this stylistic history, by appropriating a gothic pattern and having it manufactured as two commercial mats. As an element of interior design that provides warmth and aesthetic beauty, the inconspicuous carpet also provides a literal ground upon which all activity in the space unfolds. Hart House, as a central space of congregation, acts as the bedrock of a vital and diverse university community. As a sort of domestic incarnation of a building’s foundation, the traditional carpet reconceived in Rug incorporates contemporary symbols, objects and imagery into a historical design, humorously amalgamating past and present, ornament and function to echo the larger concerns of the contemporary institution of higher education in these pedestrian, utilitarian objects.

 Embedded into the carpet are a number of objects, to start off the search, a few of the objects included are the following:

Power Chords, Pizza Slices, Purses, Earphones, USB connector, Bike Locks, Digital Mice, Twitter Logo, “@”, Faucets, Cookies

And many more for you to find…

RUG, 2013 is supported by Hart House Art Committee Student Projects 2013.The project will be installed at the following locations in Hart House:

The Map Room located on the 1st floor in the East Wing

The corridor leading to the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery



JUNE 7 AUGUST 17, 2013





ArtsINsight: A Workshop Series

Launched in Autumn 2012, ArtsINsight is a series of free workshops coordinated by the Education & Outreach sector of the Hart House Art Committee.
Designed to aid students interested in pursuing a career in the arts post-graduation, these workshops provide opportunities for learning a range of practical skills while meeting some of Toronto’s very own art world professionals.

Workshops range in topic from the academically focused: how to write critically about art, how to write a successful grant application — to the practical: hands-on workshops in gallery installation, photo-documentation, and portfolio creation. Focused on connecting, informing, and inspiring students, these workshops highlight the many possibilities a career in the arts has to offer.

Guest speakers include local artists, Ontario Arts Council representatives, prominent art critics, installation technicians, and more such industry professionals.
For updates on our ArtsINsight Series, check out ourGallery.

In Memoriam

Jared Sable (1935-2012)

“Jared Sable passed peacefully on the first of October 2012 at age 77. As owner of the Sable-Castelli Gallery, he was an iconic figure in the Canadian art world for over 30 years, representing many of North America’s finest modern and contemporary artists. Jared delighted in discovering and nurturing emerging talent and revelled in the continued growth of his more recognized, established artists. His clients relied on his keen insight and broad knowledge, guiding them to build important collections. He will certainly be remembered for his role in raising the profile of Canadian art but for those closest to him, it was his fiery spirit and exacting personal code of ethics, which defined a character that was bigger than life. He brought an unflinchingly intuitive approach to every situation. To be sure, Jared was a pioneer who charted his own course – he called it as he saw it, dealing straight in a world full of curves. He lived by a credo of fairness and decency and he expected the same from others. Warm and loving to his family and his closest friends; Jared was a hugger and a kisser. To those who mattered, he made certain that they never doubted their importance in his life. Around all these values, Jared was known for his wickedly sharp sense of humour, always backed up by a profound wisdom. Jared was authentic. You knew exactly where you stood with him, and if you dealt decently, and straight with him, he was your friend for life.

Jared loved his children with whom he was always very close. He adored his grandchildren and they lit up his world. His son Milton (Patricia) and his two daughters, Joanna and Kelly (Joe) and his six grandchildren, Angelica, Alexandra, Julien, Samantha, Jesse and Sydney should take deep satisfaction in having filled his heart with joy and pride and contributed to his happy life. His loving and devoted wife Naomi made his existence complete. Together, they shared an inexhaustible lust for life. To his stepchildren, Jennifer, Leanne and Scott (Marie-Hélène) and step grandchildren Chase, Tysen, Sasha and Ovide, he was as a loving and caring father and grandfather. His leaving is surrounded by great sadness but Jared’s life was fruitful, rounded, meaningful and fully lived. Jared’s family wish to thank Nurse Mary and the entire staff in Palliative Care at Baycrest Hospital, Dr. Gary Lewis, Dr. Gary Rodin and staff at PMH, loving caregiver Francis Cunanan and special thanks to Esther Fairbloom.”
Sourced from theGlobe & Mail

Architect Henry Sproatt purposefully employed the beaux Arts Gothic Revival style in his designs for Hart House such that the building would convey both an ecclesiastical grandeur and the dignity of intellectual pursuit. XXXX Collective repurposes this stylistic history, by … Continue reading