Vicki Little

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Vicki LittleVicki Little is retired. She worked for the Bank of Nova Scotia, mainly in the area of management reporting, both financial and marketing, and she holds an MBA. She was the first woman on the Hart House Board of Stewards.






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Hart House 1967–present

  • First woman to serve on the Hart House Board of Stewards
  • Program Advisor for the House and Library Committees, the Chorus and the Revolver Club
  • Member of the Graduate Committee


“My introduction to Hart House was attending a debate between Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff and having to sit in the Debates Room gallery.  I wrote a letter to the Varsity complaining that it was like being forced to sit in the back of the bus; this was at the time of the US civil rights movement. The Varsity’s response was, ‘Why don’t you do something about it?’ So we did.  There was a series of demonstrations and attempts to integrate women into Hart House activities. It was as a result of this that I was appointed to be the Students’ Administrative Council (SAC) representative on the Hart House Board of Stewards—the first female member of the Board.


“There were certainly challenges in the campaign for women’s membership. One day, a friend and I ‘integrated’ the Arbor Room and were subjected to a hail of buns from the occupants. The assistant warden, Carmen Guild (my subsequent boss), came down and suggested that the members should behave like gentlemen, even if they thought we were not behaving like ladies. A few years later, women were admitted as full members of Hart House.”


Working with Students

“At that time, I was appointed as a program advisor to work with students and help them organize activities in the house. I served on the House and Library Committees, the Revolver Club (now, alas, extinct owing to political correctness) and the Chorus.


“I enjoyed working at Hart House because of the interesting people I encountered and the exciting events I helped organize, such as the International Poetry Festival. I was able to meet Mordecai Richler, Anton Kuerti, Dorothy Livesey, Howard Engel, Charles Pachter, Bill Davis, Godfrey Ridout and Jack Layton. For a young woman from a small town, it was very exciting.


“I also made friends at Hart House who continue to be important in my life today.”


Alumni Reflections

“I worked at Hart House for three years. Subsequently, I have been sporadically involved with the Graduate Committee (now the Alumni Committee) in organizing activities they sponsor, primarily speakers at the Senior Members Dinner Series. I still occasionally attend the dinners.


“My time at Hart House did not directly affect my subsequent career. However, I would say that Hart House broadened my experience both of people and culture in a way that probably would not have occurred otherwise.”


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