Nicola Langille

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Nicola LangilleHailing from Nova Scotia, Nicola Langille recently completed her LLB-BCL at McGill University, Faculty of Law. Nicola specialized in Political Science at the University of Toronto (Victoria College), graduating Honours with High Distinction. She is currently in Alabama completing an internship with the Equal Justice Initiative. This summer, she will return to Toronto and work at Crown Law Office—Criminal within the Ministry of the Attorney General, following which she will be clerking for the Supreme Court of Canada.



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Hart House 2005–2009
  • Member of the Jazz Choir (Onoscatopoeia)
  • Member and later secretary of the Debating Club
  • Secretary of the House Committee
  • Board of Stewards
  • Hart House Ambassador
  • Lifeguard
  • Reservations Office staff


“Hart House was my extra-curricular playground. I think what I most enjoyed, or perhaps most appreciated, was that every individual who worked there—regardless of department, position, length of time employed—was deeply invested in providing diverse and novel experiences to all students, and to ensuring that they made the most of those experiences.  The staff at Hart House nurtures and mentors students in each and every opportunity they pursue.  Undergraduate studies are a time for exploring, improving and coming into one’s own.  Hart House and its staff put an incredible effort into ensuring that students are able to get the most out of this important period of life, and that they reach their potential in every activity in which they have chosen to participate.


“I hope it is implicit in this that Hart House provides a unique chance to explore dozens of activities to which one may not have had previous exposure. Every year, I would find myself participating in something unexpected at Hart House, and I would speak to countless students who experienced the same.  That kind of opportunity for exploration is exactly what university is all about. Hart House truly is a ‘living laboratory.’”


Influence of Hart House

“First, without the opportunities I had to participate with the Hart House Debating Club, to travel to numerous tournaments to hone my skills, and to meet other students interested in similar issues, I would likely not have attended law school (let alone known that I wanted to pursue a career in litigation).


“Second, my time at Hart House made me realize that there are many activities in which I not only enjoy participating but also see as an integral part of who I am (singing provides but one example). Seeing the number of people from all walks of life who made time for things that give them personal benefit alerted me to the fact that I need to continually ensure I do the same.


“Finally, the time I spent at Hart House made me a more confident person, more comfortable exploring and participating in new activities as well as undertaking new tasks. This has reassured me of my ability to rise to the challenges of whatever career trajectory I follow, and any circumstances that arise along the way.”


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