Maia Johnstone

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Maia JohnstoneMaia is a fourth-year student doing a double major in Health Studies & Psychology. Aside from her academic work and participation at Hart House, she enjoys playing intramural basketball and is a volunteer at Planned Parenthood. She is a dual citizen from Boston, MA, and has loved connecting with her Canadian roots during her time at the University of Toronto







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Hart House
  • Co-secretary of the Social Justice Committee
  • Member of the Board of Stewards
  • Cellist in the Hart House Orchestra


“Like many students, I continue to find it challenging to balance my academic work with co-curricular. My priorities seem to change by the hour and I spend a lot of time asking myself, ‘What’s important to me right now?’ Often, my Hart House commitments fall near the top of the list.


“Being on the Social Justice Committee allows me to further explore my academic interests in mental health, public policy, and public health in informal and practical ways. I’m also lucky to have learned about topics like homophobia in sports, food security and accessibility to Hart House through participation on the Social Justice Committee and in the House generally.


“The mandate of the Social Justice Committee is broad enough to allow us to work with people and groups of all disciplines to create meaningful events. A past collaboration that stands out was with Sandra Carnegie-Douglas, U of T’s Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Officer on a workshop on general inclusion as part of the 40th anniversary of women gaining access to Hart House. I personally learned a tremendous amount on barriers to inclusion and am glad that the Social Justice Committee contributed to the powerful workshop and conference.


“On another note, I am both proud and relieved that I have been accepted into the Hart House Orchestra for the past 4 years! While playing the cello does not define my identity as much as it did in high school, I love working through Mahler and Brahms with the rest of the orchestra each Tuesday night and performing for the UofT community.


“This being said, even after four years, I still struggle to allocate my time in a way that I am content with.

I plan on graduating this June. Afterwards, I hope to work in Toronto, travel, and eventually attend graduate school in either Public Health or Social Work.”



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