Klara Kovar

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Klara KoverKlara Kovar grew up in London, Ontario and came to the University of Toronto where she completed her undergraduate studies in 2013 as a specialist in Art History with minors in French and Italian. Over the past three years, she has been actively involved at Woodsworth College where she was a residence don and the acting assistant to the Dean, Residence Life. She will be doing a Masters at Syracuse University, which includes a year in Florence, Italy, after which she plans to pursue a Ph.D.



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Hart House 2008–2012
  • Member of the Art Committee
  • Secretary of the Art Committee
  • Member of the Board of Stewards
  • Work-study position at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery


“Prior to university, I was not involved in many extracurricular activities. The fact that I was not only greatly involved in the Hart House Art Committee but also became a residence don at Woodsworth College, participated in a work-study program and was a part of my residence academic mentorship program, and remained on the Dean’s List since first year makes it all so much more of an accomplishment.


“From the Art Committee, I’ve realized how important extracurricular work is to me, and I would like to always have elements of student life incorporated into whichever career I happen to take on. Like all things in Hart House, the Art Committee has a long history, and thus is based in traditions and practices that may not work the best for today’s student population. Since I had been an active member of the Art Committee for five years, I had a lot of opportunity to see how things worked, and to see the potential for development.


“In my second year as the secretary of the Art Committee, I put together an ad hoc sub-committee, dedicated to re-visioning the structure, outreach and other aspects. I believe that there is still a lot of room for the committee to grow and develop into a more prominent part of the U of T community; however, the energy that I put into it resulted in greater involvement in the committee, more clarity and promotion, and an overall boost in energy.


“I developed skills and confidence being a part of the Board of Stewards. The experience of serving on a professional board, and understanding how it functions and how to contribute is an absolutely priceless skill set to have, and I have already been able to apply that and see how it benefits me. Since the setting is very safe it allows for a lot of personal growth and development. Furthermore, I feel that through this I met a lot of important professionals who have inspired and encouraged me in ways that I didn’t think were possible.


“My work-study position really helped me understand curatorial work, which was something that I had originally wanted to get into. Now I am more interested in an academic route, but the experience was a great and enlightening one. In fact, my primary reason for getting involved at Hart House was both to gain extracurricular experiences and to get a sense of whether curatorial work was for me.”


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