Board of Stewards


Hart House’s system of governance is based upon a commitment to collaborative and democratic decision-making. The Board of Stewards is Hart House’s highest governing body and oversees the affairs of the House in concert with the Warden. Students comprise a majority of the membership on the Board of Stewards that includes:

  • The President of the University (ex officio) or his or her designate
  • The Warden of Hart House, (ex officio)
  • An appointee of the Governing Council
  • Two appointees of the President of the University
  • The Chair of the Alumni Committee (ex officio)
  • An appointee of the Association of Part Time Undergraduate Students
  • An appointee of the Graduate Students’ Union
  • An appointee of the University of Toronto Students’ Union
  • A student member of the Finance Committee (to be chosen by said committee)
  • The Student Secretaries (ex-officio) of the Art, Debates, Farm, House, Literary & Library, Music, Recreational Athletics, Theatre and Social Justice Committees, and any other Standing Committees as may be constituted by the Board of Stewards (to be elected by and from the membership of their respective committees)
  • A student representative of the University of Toronto at Scarborough.
  • A student representative from the University of Toronto at Mississauga
  • A Senior Member (to be elected by and from the membership of the Recreational Athletics Committee)

To learn more, contact the Hart House Warden’s office 416.978.2436.

Board of Stewards Minutes: Past Meeting Minutes


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