Evelyn Smith Romero

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Evelyn Smith Romero Evelyn Smith Romero is a medical student at the University of Sydney. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 2013 and then went on to work as a researcher for the Global Maternal-Child Health Research Group at the Hospital for Sick Children. She was a founding member and producer of Just Rights Radio, a weekly talk show committed to creating a platform for academics, non-profits, artists, and community organizers to discuss social change, hosted on 89.5 CIUT.fm.



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Hart House 2010–2013
  • Executive for Community Kitchens
  • Co-secretary and Secretary for the Social Justice Committee
  • Member of the Hart House Board of Stewards
  • Participated on the Committee on Budgets


“Much of the student body at the University of Toronto is not aware of the diverse programs that go on at Hart House. Their voices and opinions would only add to the rich dialogues nucleated in this creative and evermore inclusive environment.


“I’m proud to know that while at Hart House, the efforts made through the opportunities that I had prompted radio listeners, event attendees and especially my peers on the committee to critically dissect contemporary issues using a social justice lens, and showed them how to use those analytical tools in an everyday setting.


Just Rights Radio

“I am also glad to have shared my appreciation for art as a creative outlet to communicate our ideas of society. Many of the Just Rights Radio episodes focused on activism through music and encouraged Social Justice Committee events such as ‘Justice Works’, a pop-up gallery featuring student’s art pieces in collaboration with World Vision Campus U of T.


“After graduating in June 2013, I worked at The Hospital for Sick Children as a Researcher for the Global Maternal-Child Health Research Group, where we are currently in the process of publishing our investigations on acute respiratory infections that affect South Asian under-fives.


“I’m currently publishing the results from my fourth-year project in the Nutritional Sciences Department at the University of Toronto on individual’s genetic predispositions to taste sensation and the respective health implications. At the time of this event, I will be a medical student at the University of Sydney, Australia, and hope to develop skills that will prepare me to work on maternal and prenatal health in under-served areas, such as rural and global health.”


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