Elizabeth Laushway

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Liz LaushwayElizabeth Laushway is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Economics. She completed high school at the Bishop Strachan School, where she was an active member of the school choir and swim team. She is also an alumna of the Toronto Children’s Chorus and a recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Elizabeth continues to pursue her love for music with the Hart House Chorus and the Vic Chorus.




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Hart House 2013–2014
  • Executive Secretary for the Hart House Chorus


“I would consider my experiences at Hart House to be an important part of my overall education at university. Through my involvement with the Hart House Chorus, I’ve been given numerous opportunities to test and strengthen my skills as a leader with the Chorus’ executive team, and to interact with some really incredible people. The staff and students who I meet with are talented, thoughtful, driven people, and they constantly inspire me to perform at my best, whether I’m working with them in an executive setting, or socializing as friends.


“It can be challenging to find a balance between the all extra-curricular activities that I want to be involved in, and the other aspects of my life. There are just so many opportunities! Many of those opportunities have actually come to me through the connections that I’ve made at Hart House, and through each one, I learn about myself and build my skills and network.


“In November 2013, the Chorus toured to Montreal. Organizing that tour was an incredible experience, and one that I am very proud to have helped bring together. It was a test in patience, teamwork, organization and communication, and I definitely improved upon all of those skills in the process of planning the tour. The response from the Chorus for our effort was incredibly positive. They had a wonderful trip, and that was very rewarding feedback to get.


“I look forward to another year working with the Chorus executive team while completing my undergrad. My work with Hart House has taught me a lot about what I value in a job and in the people that I work with, and that I have an invariable passion for music. I plan on taking that knowledge with me into any career I pursue, and right now, I’m seriously considering working in arts administration thanks to the incredible experiences that I have had in Hart House.”


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