Word From the Warden

“For You.”

Two words. That’s it, that’s all. The new tag line for Hart House—an outcome of our recent re-branding initiative, undertaken in collaboration with marketing firm SOS Design Inc.—is so incredibly simple and straightforward that we wonder why we didn’t think of it before.

“For You” conveys that Hart House holds out the promise of a valuable experience to, well, everyone—whether they are at the University of Toronto or not. It speaks to people both as individuals and as members of multiple communities of interest or identity.

“For You” conveys that Hart House holds out the promise of a valuable experience to, well, everyone…

The imagery that SOS Inc. created for us in the inaugural campaign to introduce the “For You” concept is, to my eyes, breathtaking. Quite literally. At first glance, the smiling, lower halves of the faces of students, alumni, staff and other members of the Hart House community topped by cornucopia-like baskets of images that connote one or more of the key “buckets” of endeavour at Hart House—such as Dialogue, Wellness, Arts, Food, Spaces, and Community—can cause a sudden intake of breath, the quickening of one’s pulse, or the widening of one’s mouth into a full-on, no-holds-barred grin.

They are ebullient, they are infectious, and we think they embody the sheer joy that comes from exploring the unknown, without risk of failure or judgement, at Hart House. They remind us, once again, of the sheer delight to be found in discovering something new about ourselves, one another, and the world we all share, and to do it in a supportive community of communities where we celebrate the effort to become our best selves, together.

In this edition of the Hart House newsletter, as you read the stories and view the pictures of some of the many folks who both contribute to and benefit from the many offerings of this transformative place and space, we hope that you will both see yourself reflected in the work that we do, and be inspired to join them in taking “Delight in Discovery.”

After all, Hart House is for you, too.


John Monahan
12th Warden of Hart House 

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