Hart House Stories

hart house 100Generations of students have spent time at Hart House learning new skills, meeting new people and creating memories—almost a hundred years’ worth of them.

Oh if these walls could talk! What stories would they tell? Stories of newfound passions and hard-won triumphs. Stories of discovery and self-revelation. Stories of first time trysts and loves that last a lifetime.

Hart House has long been the keeper of some of our most important experiences. And every year, students are living new stories that will become treasured memories. Stories help shape our experience, make us who we are and connect us with each other. 

From the spring of 2019 to the spring of 2020, Hart House will mark our 100-year anniversary with a program of arts, debate and dialogue, and wellness. As this milestone approaches, we are reaching out to students, alumni, faculty and friends to share your stories with us. We also invite you to come celebrate with us in 2019 to see and hear some of the stories that we have chosen to highlight in an anniversary book or audio soundscape project. Stay tuned for updates. And please, make sure to tell us your Hart House story!

Submit your story by calling 416.978.9999 or email us at harthouse100@harthouse.ca

Meet the Storyweavers

This year, Hart House launched the Storyweavers, a project to train students to become podcasters. The Storyweavers team set out to gather stories of transformation from young people who have overcome challenges, found a “better version” of themselves, embraced their identity and used the power of storytelling to move beyond barriers. 

Each podcaster learned by doing. They conducted interviews, edited sound, added music tracks and produced some amazing, professional quality podcasts. To facilitate the sharing of stories, listening stations were set up at Hart House and a radio event, “Storytelling for Social Change” was held in the Map Room in front of a live audience.

Capturing stories through podcasts also captures a moment in time. Tell the same story six years from now and it will be different because you will be different. But that’s what keeps stories alive. Keep telling them and sharing them for they can be as fleeting and precarious as an endangered species, and without our stories, we are somehow diminished. Listen to the Storyweavers’ Podcasts

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