Hart House Dream Job Academy

What happens when Hart House hooks up current students and alumni? A great show!

During a session of the Hart House Dream Job Academy, a partnership program with the Career Centre, students shared their desire to put more energy into their musical interests. The result? Program Coordinator Carly Stasko came up with the Hart House Rock Star Internship and introduced a few lucky Jazz Choir and Chorus members to The Hidden Cameras, a successful local band.

The band itself is full of Hart House alumni: Joel Gibb, the lead singer and songwriter spent most of his undergraduate years in the Hart House record room rounding out his musical tastes, while the keyboardist Maggie MacDonald was once Hart House’s playwright in residence.  Together with our Hart House students, they created a magical performance in front of a cheering crowd!

The experience left the students beaming and impressed with how well the skills learned in their respective choirs were able to help them in this new musical context.  They had great pitch, could learn parts quickly, supported each other’s learning and, for several of the new songs during rehearsals, developed new harmonies that were really valued by the band.

Check out the performance on YouTube for yourself!