RUG, 2013 by XXXX Collective

RUG, XXXX Collective, 2013

Architect Henry Sproatt purposefully employed the beaux Arts Gothic Revival style in his designs for Hart House such that the building would convey both an ecclesiastical grandeur and the dignity of intellectual pursuit. XXXX Collective repurposes this stylistic history, by appropriating a gothic pattern and having it manufactured as two commercial mats. As an element of interior design that provides warmth and aesthetic beauty, the inconspicuous carpet also provides a literal ground upon which all activity in the space unfolds. Hart House, as a central space of congregation, acts as the bedrock of a vital and diverse university community. As a sort of domestic incarnation of a building’s foundation, the traditional carpet reconceived in RUG incorporates contemporary symbols, objects and imagery into a historical design, humorously amalgamating past and present, ornament and function to echo the larger concerns of the contemporary institution of higher education in these pedestrian, utilitarian objects.

Embedded into the carpet are a number of objects, to start off the search, a few of the objects included are the following:


Power Chords

Pizza Slices



USB connector

Bike Locks

Digital Mice

Twitter Logo








 RUG, 2013 is supported by Hart House Art Committee Student Projects 2013.

The project will be installed throughout the summer at the following locations in Hart House:

The Map Room located on the 1st floor in the East Wing

The corridor leading to the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery


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