Bruce Kidd Talks Commonwealth Games

Warden Bruce Kidd Talks Commonwealth Games in Australia

From an article by Lucy Ardern, Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin, April 27, 2013:

Bruce KiddYou would struggle to find someone more passionate about the Commonwealth Games than Hart House Warden Bruce Kidd. A former Commonwealth athletics champion and chair of the Commonwealth Advisory Body on Sport, the Canadian also researches and lectures about the Games at the University of Toronto.

He celebrates it as a sporting contest, marvels at the cultural opportunities it offers and is obsessed by the social advantages it might deliver. Even so, he has serious doubts about the event’s future unless it reverts back to its core purpose.

Prof. Kidd, 69, explained why when he visited the Gold Coast this week to speak to Griffith University students about the Commonwealth Games, which will be hosted here in 2018. ‘‘We need to get the ‘Commonwealth’ back in the Games, or it won’t have any relevance in years to come.’’

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