Les Petits Chefs Invade Gallery Grill

Chef Suzanne Baby at The Gallery Grill Hart House TorontoA host of little chefs-in-training swarmed Gallery Grill and got a once in a lifetime cooking lesson from Chef Suzanne Baby on the art of pâte à choux.

Led by Chef Baby, the boys, aged 7 to 12, were given a hands-on opportunity to mix ingredients, pipe out the dough and liberally douse the finished pastries with plenty of chocolate.

While Gallery Grill is best known as a cosmopolitan lunch destination, it also seems to be a hit with the younger crowd that just wants to make a mess in the kitchen and eat their creations. The boys, part of the Petits Chef cooking class run by Mardi Michels, announced at the end of the session that Gallery Grill was the “best field trip ever”.

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