Re-vitalizing the Quad

The Hart House Quad has played host to weddings, celebrations and festivals for nearly a century. A verdant outdoor haven for students to study and socialize, it is a versatile space that is in need of revitalization.

The evergreen and mulberry trees in the Quad garden are reaching the end of their lifecycle and preventative arrangements are being made to ensure that any safety or structural hazards are avoided. With only 18” of soil to sustain them, their roots have begun to affect the underlying membrane that protects the roof of the Hart House Theatre and Fitness Centre.

To maintain the structural soundness of the House, while minimizing the environmental impact, the trees will be removed and efforts will be made to transplant any healthy trees to other locations.

A subcommittee will be formed to assess future development. In the interim, new potted trees and shrubbery will take their place to ensure that the Quad is filled with greenery to be enjoyed for years to come. Additionally, the four garden flowerbeds will be replanted and seating areas reconfigured to encourage both group and solitary leisure.

Work will commence this month and should not last longer than a week. We thank you in advance for your patience and look forward to welcoming you back to a safer and even more beautiful quad this spring.