Meeting Minutes March 11

Social Justice Committee

Meeting Minutes March 11th

HH conference for International Women’s Day

-went really well!

-Moving forward will have a working group on at Hart House—tangible suggestions given

Cary-over Elections

-Running: Abtin, Daniel, Arielle

In Favour: Evelyn, Maia, Arielle, Bonita, Daniel, Igor

Abstentions: none.

Against: none.

Partnership with W.A.T.C.H

-in previous meeting they had asked about our collaboration changing

-previous years: monetary contribution

-for next year: can we book Great Hall

-Committee in favor of this


film screening

-Speaker from Schlifer Clinic

-everything booked,

-everyone should promote!

Refugee Rights Panel:

– Postpone until next year (timing and lack of available rooms)

-Partner with Just Rights Radio next year?

-Faculty member: Political Theorist, Joseph Carens

Human Rights Watch Film Screening

still looking to book a room (HH full). Maybe Innis? Through a Cinema group? Robarts’ Media Commons? New College Woo Theatre?

-Celine will help with this as well

-Film? Our Choice. Maybe “The Patience Stone”

Community Kitchen March 19th

-Audra, Maia, Evelyn will attend

-Not planned by SJC but by work-study position

Bike Event


-Audra, Daniel, Bonita, Christian will work on

-contact UTSU about partnership? UTSU Lawn? BBQ?

-Contact the Bike Chain

Summer Events

not likely

-Christian can set aside money though if we want to hold any


Next meeting Monday 25th at 5 pm. Location TBD.


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