SJC Meeting Minutes- January 23rd

Social Justice Committee

Meeting Minutes- January 23rd


“Fundamentals of a Green Economy”

  • Event tonight
  • Last minute details to be addressed: volunteer positions, web-cam set-up, registration

“Justice Works” on February 13th

  • World Vision split committee in to 3 teams—coffeehouse, art show, information booths
  • Deadline for Coffeehouse sign-up Feb 1st
  • At least 15 art submissions so far
  • 10 to 15 confirmed NGOs for information, both on campus and off campus groups
  • Advertising for Feb 13th. Goal of having it almost full 6-9 pm,
  • Finding easles for putting up art
  • In reflection of that quote: HH music committee, Hart House Players
  • Responsibility of SJC: Volunteers night of, online promotion and postering
  • Arrange meeting with HH Events and Catering, SJC, and Word Vision


  • Went well!
  • Theme was embracing diversity (with speaker from the Mosaic Institute)


  • Beginning/mid-March
  • Arielle and Maia to take lead
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