SJC Meeting Minutes Jan 16th

Social Justice Committee

Meeting Minutes Jan 16th

Fundamentals of a Green Economy

  • Test out live streaming program with web-cam
  • Good registration numbers so far!
  • HH Catering: $300 Daniel
  • Volunteers: Evelyn, Abtin, Maia, Daniel, Igor, Arielle
  • Daniel finalizing room details; will do HH catering
  • Going to be on JRR

Social Justice Art Show

  • Will check in with Jasmine about submissions/possibly extend deadline
  • Coordinate volunteers for the day of
  • Posters not picked up—adjust deadline on them


I Heart Democracy

  • Will be involved in some way!
  • Carly will give us updates

HH Conference on March 8th

  • Will be involved in some way!
  • Will likely lead a break-out session and conduct interviews

Community Kitchen Set for the 22nd

  • Advertise
  • Speaker and Menu set


  • Arielle and I will begin planning and give updates

Idle? Know More Panel

  • Meeting with Debates Committee to discuss panel on Idle No More Movement
  • Anyone welcomed to get involved

Juxtaposition Global Health Mini Conference

  • Meeting with Juxtaposition tonight
  • Topic is Refugee Health, fits in well with our mandate
  • Volunteers needed to research
  • We will book rooms, catering?
  • Get updated partnerships budget

Oxfam hunger banquet

  • We potentially book room
  • Follow-up about other ways to get involved


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