Social Justice Committee Meeting Minutes November 16th

SJC Meeting Minutes November 16th

David Miller Event January 23

-summary: talking about social justice, using sustainable development as a starting point/guide; myth of economy and environment ie radical extremists who oppose pipeline

– promotion: focusing target new people

– 1st speaker: David Miller (50 mins), 2nd Frank Cunningham (20-25 mins) (professor); Q&A after each speaker

-external website? Good Idea to attract those who don’t know much about Hart House

-RSVP eventbrite is set-up

-live streaming it? So people who can’t make it to the event can participate. Maia/Evelyn sk Hart House. Have people email in questions. Camera, recording? Virginia, Communications

-pamphlets: makes it more memorable, 20-30, and have an e- pamphlet

-have food in great hall; break for refreshments; and then come back for Q & A (if financially possible)

-Title in progress


Youth Leadership and Education:

-honorarium? Transportation cost? Online Vote

-projector and refreshments for room set-up

-Make Your Mark is a new company, money goes back into organization


Oxfam Fair:

-paying for posters? Online Vote

-put Celine down for timeslot

-all tables full!

-spread the word! Bring your friends


Education Beyond Borders Event?

 Potential future partnership


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