Meeting Minutes Nov 2nd

HH Social Justice Committee – Meeting Minutes Nov 2nd

  1. Review of Courage Film Screening partnerships (Oct 30th, 7pm)
    1. What worked? What didn’t?

-good turn-out

-but only a few students: adjust our marketing strategy?


  1. Networking nights
    1. Urban Inequality (Nov 6th, 6-8pm, South Dinning Room):
      1. Programming: Possible Ice-breaker (ask Carly to suggest one), Speaker, Q&A, mingling over refreshments
      2. Marketing strategy: listservs (cinema politica, free the children Oxfam, JRR, student union)
      3. Speakers gifts/ professional fees: Evelyn will get chocosoul speaker’s gift; Maia get sharpie and name tags


    1. Youth Education and Empowerment (Nov 27th, 6-8pm):
      1. Programming: Leadership Workshop – 5 concrete steps to becoming leaders I your own lives, “Make Your Mark”
      2. Marketing strategy: WATCH, Piece by Piece, Vivace
      3. Speakers gifts/ professional fees: waiting to hear on cost of transportation and honorarium—will decide/vote based on this


  1. Oxfam Holiday Bazaar (Nov 22nd, 11am – 6pm, Seeley Hall)
    1. Partnership details (& monetary requirements): SJC Volunteers, poster design (Abtin did), e-marketing
    2. Volunteers: Celine 12-2, 4-6 (availability); Lizzy possibly


  1. World Vision Art Competition (tentative date: Jan 31)
    1. Partnership details (& monetary requirements): TBD; formalize agreetment with World Vision and Contact Art Committee
    2. Possibly Art Committee
      1. Themed: Health Based


  1. Holiday Benefit (tentative)
    1. Meeting with Just Rights Radio


  1. Key note event: David Miller, Future of Green Jobs and a Sustainable Economy (Jan 28)
    1. Food details: HH Catering cost too high to feasibly do on our own, partner?
    2. Sammy’s not an option
    3. Food seems necessary
    4. Partner with UTERN?


  1. Other events

I Heart Democracy Event, Feb. 15th?

Inclusivity Workshop in the spring?

Full Day Conference on March 8th on women at Hart House


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