October 26th, 2012 Meeting Minutes

October 26th Meeting Minutes, SJC

Oxfam Event:

To Whom It May Concern,

 Here is a description of the sale for your meeting:
This November 22nd from 12-6 Oxfam U of T is hosting the university’s first ethical/local holiday bazaar, featuring fair-trade, organic, and/or locally crafted wares. The event will be held in Seeley Hall at Trinity College and will feature a festive atmosphere and a variety of exciting vendors. Oxfam U of T is busy working on logistics, communicating with vendors, and trying to recruit more vendors to the show. We are hoping to include U of T students who make their own jewellery/clothes/art/etc. to participate. Tables cost only $15 and half tables $7.
We would greatly appreciate help in the weeks to come as we prepare for the big day. We have been seeking out collaborator clubs within U of T and the Hart House Social Justice group came to mind. Tasks that we are still working on include recruiting student artists and other vendors to the sale (researching and inviting), planning logistics, distributing posters, eventually helping with decorating, and MOST OF ALL getting the word out to ensure attendance. If you have a good eye on the Toronto arts community, decorating skills, logistics know-how, or a wide network on campus and beyond you would be invaluable to us as we work to make this sale a success.


-Community Kitchens

Igor (who attended as the Social Justice Committee said it went well)


-need to focus on getting speaker for November’s

-Courage Film Screening October 30th

reminder that it is at 7 pm in HH

-Urban Inequality Event Nov. 6

Celine will check about AV and let Maia/Evelyn know

-email events about set-up, 20 people ish, light refreshments

-everyone on fb advertise

-only Rise Up has confirmed, so focus on advertising to general public

Youth Leadership Event updates?

-Katie “Make Your Mark” has said : Nov 27th 6-8 pm (Maia and Evelyn book room, 20 ish people)

workshop style—engage in discussion

-Katie will invite people from Toronto area as well

-light refreshments


-World Vision—art, AIDS collaboration—still waiting for some kind of proposal

-pushing it back until February

-budget, we can provide room

-Audra, Bonita as lead people

-Oxfam: read out update

-advertising, templates WE DO IT

-we need volunteers: Audra, Laura, Celine, Bonita, Maia (anyone else, email to let us know)

-Trin proper—Seeley Hall

-HH Inclusivity—meeting with Carly next week and Evelyn and I will get back to everyone about that!

-January David Miller?

  • Meeting with Aron next week—doesn’t look like it will be possible to bring in Hot Yam, BUT we can work with them to create sustainable choices.
  • Cost?? Light Refreshments?

Concert Event/Goody Bags

-Audra, Evelyn, Vilena

-HH Open? Where will it take place?

-musicians: JRR people


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