Hart House Social Justice Committee Meeting Minutes- October 19th 2012

Meeting Minutes October 19th

Upcoming events:

  1. Urban Inequality Social Networking Event

– November 6th, 6-8 pm, South Dining Room

-speaker confirmed from Wellesley Institute

-still contacting groups—SEED, HSSU


  1. Courage Film Screening

-Abtin to spread poster once received

-focus on promoting through social media


  1. Possible Collaboration with World Vision (a UofT group)
  • They were thinking of doing a photo exhibit in HH, Great Hall (might be hard to book—potentially Debates Room or East Common Room)
  • Extend to more forms of art, competition
  • Focus on World AIDS Day?
  • Beginning of December
  • Collaboration with HH Art Committee?
  • Med Sci stone lobby—ongoing event?
  • Bonita lead person—going to speak with World Vision and the HH Art Committee
  1. Networking Event: Youth Leadership and Education
  • November 26th?
  • Audra to email Katie Zeppieri to come in as speaker
  • Possible clubs: Vivace, looking for suggestions
  1. HH inclusivity Workshop

–Maia and Evelyn Meeting with Carly soon

-Lead person?

Other Announcements

-Juxtaposition (UofT’s global health magazine) will want to collaborate next semester

-Combine Holiday Benefit with a Basic Necessities Drive (Audran and Evelyn)

-update on Jan 23rd David Miller Event (from Daniel): 3 part event, 3 speakers, each with short Q&A, but try and keep it shorter overall; David Miller, Frank Cunningham (or other UofT prof), representative from a company that works to be green (Daniel contacting Google, think of other suggestions

-David Miller event: too long, 3 parts but shorter overall, David Miller same length, shorter piece by professor, bringing in a a large green company?? Really cool if we can get people; Hart House reputation

-Transit Event: Still a good idea! With Debates Committee?


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