Social Justice Committee- October 12th Meeting Minutes

SJC- Oct 12th Meeting Minutes

  1. Welcome Audra, first year rep


  1. Next week meeting: Juxtaposition (Global Health Magazine at UofT): will be at our next meeting to speak about a possible partnership


  1. Recap of Mental Health Coffeehouse- Abtin

-successful! Good turnout, good feedback


  1. Upcoming events:

Community Kitchen Updates: Oct 23rd

-Igor will go on behalf of the committee

-No speaker yet—possibly Farm committee


Coffeehouse on Urban Inequality:

-speaker lined up from Wellesly Institute, will speak about health/housing policy

-Nov. 6th, 7th8th, 6-8 pm coffeehouse format

-Maia/Evelyn book room once we hear back from Celine

-think of possible groups to contact


Courage Screening October 30

we are an official partner

need to find out the time

5. Upcoming Unplanned events

-Push Back the Event on Food Security


Hart House 40th Anniversary of Women Being Allowed

set up meaning with Warden, who will want to be involved

workshop format

have Carly (program advisor) moderate—Maia email her

focus on past who wasn’t included in Hart House, and future: who one day could be included one day

somewhat intimate event, RSVP, open to anyone but especially Hart House Committees


-Possible date November 2nd


Second Networking Event

in general make them at a certain time of the month

-possible speaker: “Make You Mark”, Audra to contact

-theme of Youth Education and leadership

-potential date of November 26th


David Miller event: January 23rd

-Talk to Catering about bringing in refreshments from hot yam or harvest noon cafe

-cc Andrew—combine community kitchens as well with event (which is the day before)

-speakers: David Miller and one faculty member

-talk of bringing in other politicians, but don’t want to take the focus away from social justice

-Igor to talk to Faculty member Frank Cunningham

-advertise through career institute since focus is sustainable economy


Event on Transit

February event

-speaker Adam Giambrone (who already expressed interest), very qualified, Toronto politicial

-Debate? Panel?
– could be really great!

-related documentary: Bus Riders Union, on how social justice and politics interact, fighting for more transit in low income areas

-Carly’s dad works for Center of Excellence for alternative energy, organizing a symposium on hydrogen trains

contacting engineer department

– David (Miz): civil engagement, getting people engaged; originality; worked on “The Fourth Wall” exhibit, TED talk on dismantling barriers of apathy, apathy is systemic (not internal, which is actually optimistic); suggestions on how to make local politics more accessible. Event at hart house around Valentine’s day, installation in hart house. Also documentary, “City Idol”, how would they make the city better, would run you for office in the real election, screen movie during exhibition, will get brochures (20). “Flirting with Democracy”, JRR combination

6. Partnerships

-WATCH partnership, Email out to committee

7. Announcements

-budget defense is Monday

– Human Rights Conference here at HH, deadline to signup was last night but maybe they take late registration!


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