Hart House Parent / Student Stories

When people talk about Hart House, they get a wistful look in their eyes. They may be remembering the first time they joined a club or committee, the mornings 30 years ago they spent swimming in the pool or that delicious 5-buck lunch they had last Wednesday. For many, Hart House is a lifelong relationship that might have begun with a few naps—or rather—study sessions in the library and continued with lectures in the Debates Room. Perhaps there was a memorable kiss in an alcove that culminated in a wedding in the Great Hall or a retirement ceremony at the Gallery Grill. Everyone’s experience is different, but those who know Hart House share one unspoken truth: whatever happens at the Farm stays at the Farm. Well, perhaps there’s one more thing—Hart House is whatever you make it.

Three students and their parents share their unique take on what Hart House means to them… Continue reading >>