Social Justice Committee Meeting Minutes: September 28, 2012

  1. Brief Discussion of First Year Representative Position


  1. Multifaith Center Information


  • Multifaith center offering leadership workshop
  • Found that thread through many faiths is social justice
  • For more information see our facebook page


  1. Update on events
  1. Mental Health Awareness Coffeehouse
  • October 9th, 12-2 pm, room TBD
  • Healthy Campus leading it: “Identifying, Supporting, & Referring Students in Distress”
  • Evelyn/Maia get 2 speakers gifts (chocosoul)
  • Catering Coffee and Pasteries
  • Need Projector
  1. Documentary Screening: “Courage”
  • Partnering with Hart House; film being released by NFB
  • Event on October 30th
  • Our role: advertising/marketing (they have a poster already)
  • Celine will get link to communications
  1. Future of Sustainable Economy
  • January 28th, David Miller confirmed
  • Possible other speakers: Adam Vaughn (contacted already)
  • Other suggestions: economics department, engineering department, professor Mark Mcgowan, poli sci prof Sylvia Bashevkin
  • Begin advertising early
  1. Social Justice Networking Event
  • Theme: Urban Inequality (ties in well with “Courage”)
  • Email 6-10 groups including Equity Student Union (partnerships coordinators in charge)
  • Bring in a group to lead it: WATCH soup kitchen, “Pathways” in Reagent Park, Wellesley Institute, Scott Missions, Volunteer Toronto
  • Possible date: October 25th 6 pm?
  1. Suggested event: Homelessness and Youth
  • Toronto Check for Teens
  • Good Sheppard
  • What would this event look like?
  1. Social Justice networking event in January: Environmental Sustainability/Urban Planning
  • Tie in with David Miller event
  1. Food Security Event
    – combine with canned food drive?
  2.  Potential partnerships with high schools


  1. Announcements
  • Budget submitted September 28th; defense of October 15th assisted by Christian, Evelyn, Maia
  • Next week meeting Friday 1 pm, location TBA

Thanks everyone!


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