Social Justice Committee Meeting Minutes: September 21, 2012

  1. Introductions by both executive members (explained roles) and general members

  1. Committee Mandate and Hart House Vision (See Below)

  1. Discuss the role of general members
  • General members can plan events, attend all meetings, attend events
  • Only exclusion is that they can’t vote

  1. Abtin: Update on communications workshop
  • Information learned: give info to Hart House 30 days in advance, they have templates for posters (example is on website), microsite for social justice committee (we need to provide information), HH reviews poster design within 48 hours
  • For the purpose of advertising go through Abtin and Bonita; they will post meeting minutes as blog post on our website

  1. Did anyone sign up for the events & catering workshop? Wed, Oct 3rd, 12-2 pm –> Celine

  1. Events & Projects Brainstorming Session for the 2012-2013 School Year
    1. Igor & Daniel present on Sustainable Economy panel with David Miller: January 23rd! 6-8 pm (Evelyn and Maia book great hall). Plan for the event: 45 mins speaker, 20 mins Q&A. His talk will be on environmental sustainability, equity, community development, transit city (matches our pillars). Potential second speaker? Councilman? Undergrads/Grads green entrepreneurs? Committee think of potential people? Partner with Hot yam/harvest noon (Maia and Evelyn ask catering about bringing in food) Other potential partnerships: i3. Photo exibit on green jobs?Community Kitchen addition to combine? We should provide a speaker’s gift.
    2. Abtin: Mental Health Awareness Event (possibly week of Oct 8th). Coffee house. Collaboration (MAD student society), student group, or movie screening, bringing in a speaker (professor in social work, dept. psychology/sociology). Usual refreshments. Possible to tag coffeehouse onto an event for that week (ask office student life). Other partnerships coordinators help Abtin. Speaker: Phys-ed Darcy Brio, Sociology
    3. Maia/Marco: Social Justice Fair: coffeehouse to mingle/learn about social justice groups. Target first years, coffeehouse. Invite 6-10 groups each time. Vivace (music/social justice) could be one. Bi-monthly series. Center Community Partnerships might be able to help. Better than doing a onetime event.
    4. Arielle: partnerships exec wanted do an event relating to aboriginal issues
    5. Celine: Plans on meeting with Carly next week to learn about GTA people to bring in (let her know if you are wondering about someone in a particular field). Event on food security in Toronto, November possibly? Coffeehouse? Email Celine if you want contacts

  2. Announcements
    1. 1st Year Representative Applications (Deadline September 21st): how do we decide? Short list and bring people. Make sure first years stay interested. Get them Tuesday, distribute, conversation about short list.
    2. Facebook page- like it to stay updated!
    3. Just Rights Radio journalist & producer applications due September 30th ( to apply)
    4. FYI: Quebec leader, speaking the 30th here , 31st, Danforth pub night
    5. Changing the weekly meeting time (see doodle poll)


Hart House Vision:

Hart House is a living laboratory of social, artistic, cultural and recreational experiences where all voices, rhythms and traditions converge. As the vibrant home for the education of mind, body and spirit envisioned by its founders, Hart House encourages and supports activities that provide spaces for awakening the capacity for self-knowledge and self-expression.


Social Justice Committee Mandate & Pillars:

The mission of the Hart House Social Justice Committee is to raise awareness of social justice issues through proactive engagement in partnerships, networks and the student body as a whole. We seek to facilitate deep dialogue based around awareness, appreciation, and action into the lives of individuals and communities within and around the University of Toronto. Through broad-based programmes that engage to the entire student body, we aim to introduce many different issues and opportunities for participation around Social Justice. Our events are free, accessible and secular.

  • Sustainability
  • Equity
  • International and Community Development
  • Empowerment through Education




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